What We Do

Our activities reflect our underlying philosophy and theory of change, building a feedback loop between theory and practice.

Community building

Building communities fosters collaboration and empowers individuals to achieve impact in their individual and collective endeavors. We create physical space where people develop a sense of belonging and shift their mindset from competition to collaboration.

Research & Education

We experiment with new methodologies of knowledge production and sharing through mutual learning, cooperation and commons-oriented methodologies. We favor cross-pollination and bottom-up, collective learning over traditional top-down and unidirectional teaching.

Governance & Institutional innovation

Our work is rooted in new research in extitutional theory as a complement to institutional theory. This theory accounts for personal relationships and identities in addition to rules and roles. We theorize and experiment with new governance structures that establish a dialectic combination of institutional and extitutional dynamics.

Autonomy & Sustainability

We are at the verge of an environmental and economic crisis. As our planet is undergoing massive ecological challenges, we are becoming increasingly dependent on the global economy to try and solve these challenges at a large scale. We believe in the creation of autonomous and sustainable solutions at the local and global level.

Learning is not only about acquiring new knowledge, it is also about learning to grow and to live in society. The Feÿ Extitute bring together the top scientists, entrepreneurs, activists, philosophers, artists and pragmatic dreamers interested in rethinking our institutions and therefore the way we live, work, build and experiment in the world of tomorrow. At the Feÿ Extitute, you come in to learn about new ways of life and you acquire new knowledge along the way, by sharing a roof with other exceptional individuals eager to share their passions and ideas.


Our methodologies

The Feÿ Extitute relies on a methodology intended to create fertile ground on which ideas, collaborations and projects can flourish, and where learning happens holistically in a space of openness, experimentation and collaboration.

The methodology relies on the following principles:

Social permaculture: We bring together people of different backgrounds, interests and skill sets who bring forward their unicity and eccentricity to learn from each other and co-create the future in unexpected ways.

Mutual learning: We believe in the acquisition of ways of being and doing from others through close, meaningful and repeated interactions with them. By living under the same roof, residents of the Feÿ Extitute learn from each other’s way of thinking and being, rather than only through the formal exchange of knowledge.

Serendipity:The most magical encounters happen when you least expect them. We favor unstructured time over structured interactions in order to maximize the opportunity for serendipity.

Hyperstition: Using the future to shape our present: Our beliefs and thoughts about the future change our present reality; our actions today define our future. We run “hypersition” sessions to dream and imagine our futures - both at a societal and individual level - and let those visions change the course of our life.

Collective rituals: Whether it’s about completing a project, productivity, regular exercise or creative output, we leverage the power of the collective to help individuals set goals and together create the conducive environment and activities for these goals to be achieved (ex. regular group exercises every noon, writing sessions in the morning, productivity days).

Mindfulness: We value kindness and generosity, we cultivate the awareness and appreciation for interconnection and collaboration. Being individually grounded in each of our present inner realities is key for being able to connect at a deeper level with ourselves and each other and in turn to collaborate, cocreate and manage conflicts.



Our Projects

These world class projects have roots in the Feÿ Extitute's social programs, intensive retreats and unique brand of whole person immersion. Affiliated projects have found co-founders, developed theories, deployed products, honed performances, hosted events, prototyped experiments, and made life-changing decisions.